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1 Original 10 Incher Pizza + Full serving of Sideline + 2 x (350 ML Drink) - Rs999
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Creamy Chicken Delight
A delightful mix of chicken fajita chunks, onions, green chillis, and tomatoes atop our homemade creamy garlic sauce.
Peri Tikka Fusion
A twist to the classic pizza, the Peri Tikka Fusion is made with the original Peri-Peri sauce that is topped with marinated pieces of chicken tikka, onions, and green pepper
Hot Chicken Mughlai
A combination of diced chicken mughlai, onions and jalepenos spread over our signature fiery sauce and drizzled with our secret creamy garlic dressing.
BBQ Chicken
Chicken chunks marinated in delicious blend of sharp BBQ flavor, smoked to perfection. Exceptionally striking.
Fiery Chicken
The fiery chicken chunks have it to heat things up for a pure spice fantasy.
Turkey Chunks
Uniquely crafted and exotically flavored, these mild turkey chunks will redefine your food experience.
A custom blend of fresh veggies of your choice, loaded with tasty
Loaded with our signature blend of cheeses, this one brings out the best of our pizza in one go. So cheesy that it melts in your mouth.
Chicken Fajita
The Chicken Fajita topping is a divine blend of fresh oregano and paprika for the right flavors to hit your spice-buds.
Chicken Tikka
Traditional Tikka flavored chunks perfectly set with American style hand tossed crust to bring the best of both worlds.
The classic beef pepperoni topping is a meat-perfection indulgence with a crispy spin on the flavor. An all time-favorite.

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Extra Hot
Peri Peri
Creamy Garlic

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Green Chilli
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Cheesy Bread
Garlic Bread
Potato Skins
Potato Wedges
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Coke 350 ml
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Coke 350 ml